??         上海磐藝視覺成立于2011年,總部設在上海。是一家專注于視覺藝術可視化領域的專業設計公司,目前市場定位服務于國內外著名的建筑事務所、地產行業、及其相關需要視覺藝術可視化解決方案的機構。


        多年的經驗告訴我們:客戶的需要是我們發展的基礎,客戶的滿意是我們生存之本。希望我們的團隊用 “自信,創新和關注細節”設計理念為客戶提供一流覺藝術可視化解決方案。

CGX founded in 2011 and based in Shanghai, is a professional design company focus on the visual art in the visualization field, at present, the market orientates to service in domestic and foreign famous architecture firms, real estate industry, and their related institution which need the visualization and solutions of visual art.

Many years of experience tell us: customer needs are the basis of our development, customer satisfaction is the foundation of our survival. We hope that our team will use the design concept of "self-confidence, innovation and attention to details" to provide customers with first-class visual solutions for perceptual art.


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